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It is our goal to create and maintain a self organized, independent youth house in which people can act free of the permanent pressure to consume and realize themselves in projects and actions.
The youthhouse opposes all forms of violence, Fascism, Antisemitism, Antiziganism, Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Nationalism, Patriotism and Ideologies of Power.
It does not serve as a platform for political parties, religious and comercial advertisement and propaganda.

The initiative is designed open, dynamic and anti-autoritan. In general, everybody can participate as a staff member, contributor or guest.
The youthhouse shall be a place for peaeceful encounter and cooperation. It works on an uncommercial, non-profit orientated base.


The weekly open Plenum is the only institution of decisionmaking in the youthhouse. Decisions are made body politically. This means every person present (regardless if staff member, guest, etc.) has the same right to discuss. We aim at consensus, in order to include and consider as many opinions as possible.


The Youthhouse aims at creating an open space for non-commercial culture and free communication. In order to guarantee this, a library offering a special selection of literature, shall be selected. There is an archive of different papers and magazines, aswell, enabling people to inform themselves about political issues and the current events.
It is possible to consume selft brought beverages or food, however snacks and drinks are also provided. Furthermore, table soccer, board games, etc. are offered.


Mondays the youth house invites to vegan dinner. The food is, if possible, pruchased from regional, ecologically sustainable cultivation.


Project & Actions

On the weekend (Friday & Saturday) different events like concerts and parties, theme or cultural nights will take place. These cost - if possible - no money, to grant people without money the possibility to visit the youth house also on these nights.

These nights can be solidarity events. Thus the youthhouse shows solidarity with certain activities and goals, and wants to support these through donations and information.