Even if you haven't been involved with JUZ so far, you can use the JUZ for your own purposes! Birthday parties, concerts, theme evenings, cooking... everything is possible and welcome!

You are not left alone, of course. There are a lot of experienced people who are supporting and guiding you, and are able and willing to show and teach you things.


Help in the kitchen, behind the counter and other participation is possible spontaneously. If you want to have a party, organize an evening or a lecture, come and join the Plenum (each Sunday, 6 pm) to present your project and we can plan and conduct the details.


Please keep in mind that the Youth Center is generally opened for all visitors, which means that private functions (f.e. birthday parties) are usually not possible. You have to expect that people who are not invited or not known to you will visit the youth center that night.


If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail - even if you only want to know what it is for dinner!